Company Profile

Tema Design Philippines Inc. is a fiberglass products manufacturer based in the Philippines and is a part of the well-reputed Danish Company: Création Group. The company is known for the creative production of world class products for decorations and displays within different themes such as Christmas, Comic, Wildlife, Halloween, Wild West, Pirates, Easter, etc.

We use high quality materials in producing fiberglass products and projects to ensure the best quality and meet the satisfaction of our clients. Our main market are amusement parks, malls, hotels, bars, resorts and family entertainment.

We are a group of designers, architects, sculptors, casters, painters, welders, installers, project and technical manager that can help our client with requirements for custom designs, development, manufacturing and installations of small to large scale projects worldwide.

Danish Design & Quality

As a part of Danish company, Création Group, we guarantee the best quality and exclusive designs. Our products and procedures are continuous subject to strict quality control and thorough inspections.

Ideas Designed to Perfection

We focus on delivering and executing the needs and desires of our clients with perfection in every specification and dimension. Every projects originates from a simple concept of creative minds to graphical illustrations, to production and assembly by our skilled craftsmen.


Lot 19, 21, 23, Livelihood Street
Pampanga Economic Zone, Pulung Cacutud
Angeles City, Pampanga, 2009

+63 9778229583 (GLobe)
+63 9209697143 (Smart)


Fluebaeksvej 190
4100 Ringsted

+45 57 67 34 88
+45 41 10 64 74


+57 311 287 0654